Thomas Maul

My professional journey

Risk management and SustainaBility/ESG

April 2010 - present

Manager Consulting at PPI AG (former TriSolutions GmbH) 


Risk Management, Treasury and Controlling Departments of banks, savings banks, leasing companies, energy/gas suppliers and public institutions in DACH region

  • ESG-Management, ESG-Governance, ESG-Risks and PRB (priciples for responsible banking)
  • Full range of risk management/controlling (ICAAP/RBC, SREP, CRR) including all relevant KPI/KRI/KSI
  • Risk Governance (policies, committees, processes and procedures)
  • Funding strategy, liquidity management (ILAAP), MREL/TLAC
  • Implementation processes for new products/markets/distribution channels
  • Contribution accounting including budgeting
  • Software architecture and software selection
  • Management coaching
  • Organization of conferences and workshops (public and in house)
Africa clockwise

January 2009 - March 2010

Sabbatical “Africa clockwise”

  • Exploring the African continent by my car
  • Impressions you find here
Treasury & Markets

July 2006 - December 2008

Head of Treasury and Markets (Divisional Director) at Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (former Landesbank Sachsen)

Activities and responsibilities
  • Full range of treasury and capital markets activities including  trading and banking book, liquidity management, strategic investments, alm, derivatives and structured products
  • Annual P&L-budget of at least 50m Euro
  • Teamsize approx. 30 persons

September 2006 - April 2008

Head of Board at Humboldt-Multi-Invest SICAV A and SICAV B, Luxembourg

Activities and responsibilities
  • Setting up a SICAV-framework under UCIITS III
  • Setting up total return funds for institutional clients
  • Engaging with asset managers
Capital markets

May 2004 – June 2006

Deputy Head of Capital Markets (Department Manager) at Landesbank Sachsen

Activities and responsibilities
  • Responsible for the full range of treasury and capital markets activities (including sales for institutional clients and savings banks, underwriting business, middle office function)
  • Coordination rating process for the bank and the Free State of Saxony
  • Annual P&L budget of about 50m Euros
  • Teamsize approx. 40 persons

May 2002 – April 2004

Head of Treasury (Department Manager) at Landesbank Sachsen

Activities and responsibilities
  • Full range of treasury activities
  • Public sector loan business for German and European clients
  • Teamsize approx. 15 persons
Risk Controlling capital markets

July 2000 – April 2002

Head of Risk Control Capital Markets (Department Manager) at Landesbank Sachsen

Activities and responsibilities
  • Market risk and counterparty risk controlling for all trading and treasury activities
  • Teamsize approx. 8 persons
Market risk controlling

June 1998 – June 2000

Head of Market Risk Controlling (Team Lead) at Landesbank Sachsen

Activities and responsibilities
  • Market risks management and the P&L-calculation for the trading and treasury activities

April 1995 – May 1998

Employee Treasury at Landesbank Sachsen

Activities and responsibilities
  • Preparation and implementation of funding strategies
  • Transfer pricing for refinancing/funding of the loan business

April 1989 – August 1989 and
September 1987 – October 1987


Activities and responsibilities
  • Internship in different industrial enterprises (food industry and microelectronics) to bridge the gap between military service and studies

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